Renter Mentor Opens Landlord Portal

Jerry Valentine
2 min readJun 16, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Renter Mentor announced today the opening of their landlord portal — property owners and managers can now go to their website to list vacant or soon to be vacant rental properties.

The website is specifically designed to meet the housing needs of low-to-moderate income people by providing a centralized, secure, and automated way to list, and find affordable housing. The site helps residents with housing searches by helping property owners, who use the web-services, identify the affordable housing program(s) they serve or would like to serve. Transitional Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher are two of the big program options — the platform even allows for property owners to identify if they are eviction or justice involved friendly which all helps the tenants refine their searches.

“Renter Mentor has been fortunate to be working closely with Buckeye Interactive, a local development firm, who has helped bring our solution to life,” said Renter Mentor Founder & CEO Jerry Valentine.

“We are in a great research & development phase as a startup company and our next step is to get landlords registered and to build-up our property inventory on our website,” Valentine said.

Over the next month, Renter Mentor will kick-off a landlord education and outreach campaign titled #ChooseAffordableHousing. The campaign is developed to help the startup increase signups by educating and incentivizing property owners to actively choose to participate in affordable housing programs and open their doors to some of the community’s most vulnerable residents.

Property owners and managers can register and list their properties for free today at



About Renter Mentor:

Renter Mentor is a social enterprise company that helps connect people to affordable housing. Our services assist landlords and tenants through housing processes and provides them access to needed supportive services .

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